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Capstone Discussion

The Liberal Arts Capstone Program Proposals

The Liberal Arts Department is considering inaugurating a new Liberal Arts Capstone program. The Capstone would:

(a)  synthesize two or more Liberal Arts subjects that you have studied,

(b)  provide possible connections between these Liberal Arts subjects and your studio work,

(c)  have you conduct interdisciplinary research and produce a research paper or comparable mathematics or natural science-oriented research project,

(d)  be a requirement for graduation.

Proposed Capstone Models

Model 1: The Social Impact of Making Art
Sam Schlosberg

Model 2: Guidance Tapestry Journal
Lin Haire-Sargeant

Model 3: Seminar on a Specific Theme
Josh Cohen

Model 4: Seminar on Biological Neural Networks
Dan Roe

Read about each model by clicking one of the TABS above, or from the menu at the right.
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