Dashboard Menus defined

Once you have a new blog, you’ll be confronted with WordPress’s extensive Dashboard. While it can be a bit intimidating at first, getting your first posts and images up should not be hard.

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Creating a new Blog

Users at MassArt Online can create blogs, personal sites that they control. Each user is allowed 5 active blogs. Consider starting by creating one blog with categories to organize your content. For example, categories for different courses. You might want to create a second, portfolio blog at a later date, or combine all of your written and art work in one blog. You may be asked to contribute to course or community blogs here, also.

Keep track of your blogs and activity at the site using the drop-down Administration/Navigation bar. You will only see this when you are logged-in.

Log in at massartonline.org (You can add a widget to your blog to let you log in directly there, too. You find those in the Dashboard under appearance.)

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Hello world! Happy Summer!

It’s time for another summer mess!

How to quickly turn off comments on your posts and pages.

Go to either your page or posts lists, choose quick edit and turn off comments. Don’t forget to save your changes.


You can also bulk-change setting on your posts by selecting the posts you want to change, choosing ‘Edit’ from the first selection drop down. Apply that choice. You’ll see a merged editing window with your selected posts. Make your bulk changes (comments off, author name change) and the Save.

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Adding Music to Your Blogs

If you want to add music to your page, activate the HTML5 videoplayer plugin.

Sample MP3
Magic of the Box

This plugin offers the most extensive compatibility across many different browsers and platforms. By using simple “shortcodes” you can embed your audio or video into a clean player.

More info on how to use it from the plug-in page at WordPress.

A video plugin for WordPress built on the MediaElement.js HTML5 video and audio player library. Provides Flash or Silverlight fallback players for non-HTML5 browsers and also supports iPhone, iPad, and Andriod. Supports MP4, OGG, WebM, WMV, MP3, WAV, WMA files as well as captions with WebSRT files.

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