Journal: 1/29: Gelah Penn

How do you translate a scribble into a 3-dimensional form? What mediums you choose to draw your scribble will help to determine the materials that most likely offer a successful interpretation.

I have a collection of sculpture magazines and have been looking through them again. Gelah Penn is a sculptural artist whose article I marked. Her work Clash by Night, 2009, is mesmerizing.   It is made from mono filament, plastic mesh, mosquito netting, vinyl and rubber tubing, vinyl lanyard, and a variety of other like materials. The work itself is much like a three dimensional drawing, full of energy, gestures, darks, and lights. But here’s the thing… it will never look the same way twice. Penn stages her work in architectural spaces and part of the presentation is the relationship she has with the materials which, depending on what state of mind she is in must surely affect the performance. I would liken her work to automatic writing. Penn does credit Henri Michaux (1899-1984) who as both an artist and author experimented with many forms of automatic writings.


Rosoff, P. (2010, November). Surface tension.
Sculpture, 29(9), 50-53.

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