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The Divine Child

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A message from the U.S. Secretary of Education regarding Education of the Arts

Follow the link below to read Secretary Arne Duncan’s Remarks at the Arts Education Partnership National Forum.

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A selection of work that follows up on some of the Celtics “married” imagery from Crowe’s studio investigations class, continuing the experiment with the notion of re-appropriation and post-production practice.

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RE:Search Paper

Here goes  a link to my RE:Search paper in pdf. form…re-search

Now .doc   re-search

Feel free to leave comment and critique.

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The Non-Flying Machine

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Ok Go. This Too Shall Pass, Rube Goldberg version

Ok Go. This Too Shall Pass

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Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky – That Subliminal Kid

Paul D. Miller aka DJ SPOOKY 1970-present

American born contemporary visual artist, scholar, teacher, writer, philosopher, composer, and musician.

Miller’s leap into visual art is loaded with new media including use of video installation, performance, and sound.  His practice is what one may expect when a hip-hop DJ meets conceptual art.

Rhythm Science:  A book written by Paul D. Miller that investigates the over-saturation and interconnectedness of information, commerce, and people across ever disintegrating global boundaries, and the effects on the roll or art in the contemporary age.

Rebirth of a Nation:  A performance based art piece that ‘remixed’ D.W. Griffith’s 1915 silent film Birth of a Nation.  The project address how media and film can shape culture, specifically racism and the use of racist gestures.

Preview of Rebirth of a Nation

What does Paul D. Miller offer me as a Studio Practitioner?


DJ Spooky’s You Tube Channel:

Murray, Soraya   Scratching the Surface  Art Journal 64 no.4 Winter 2005 pg. 133-135

Perkins, Gregg   DJ Spooky   Art US  no. 7 March/April 2005 pg.24

Berwick, Carly  The Sample Life   ArtNews  November 2004 pg 134

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Critiquing WordPress

An interesting new media work of art with an interesting take on WordPress, exposing it’s capacity and inadequacies.

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Speed Dating and Going Steady

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